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Miter Machine 

Semi-automatic, pneumatic

Dust free operation

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MORSØ-H works after the same principle as the MORSØ-F, but pneumatically. MORSØ-H is activated through a safe dual hand release system in order to protect the operator from touching the knives during the work. 


The MORSØ-H saves you from using your leg all the time to activate the machine, as the air cylinder that pulls the knives through the work piece secures an easy and effortless working procedure. The lever system is identical to the MORSØ-F. MORSØ-H is ideal for repetitive work and the noise level is only 70db.


As with all other MORSØ miter machines, there is no problem with dust as all the waste will be lead to the ground via the waste chute. 


MORSØ-H leaves the cut surface of the wood perfectly smooth and accurate, requiring no further preparation before joining. 


The special lever system of the machine ensures a very easy operation. The sliding longitudinal stop and measuring scale ensure accurate repetitive work.


MORSØ-EH TURBO is CE approved.

Miter machine

Dust free operation        Exact 45° degree cut        Noise level below 70dB

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morso miter machine
morso miter machine
Perfect corner sample
Perfect frame
Hexagonal frame
Corner sample
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