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Miter machine electric/hydraulic


Miter Machine 

Digital, fully automatic electric/hydraulic
Dust free operation - No compressor needed
Faster and safer than double miter saws

➜ Dust free operation

➜ No compressor needed

➜ Exact 45° degree cut

➜ Noise level below 70dB

➜ CE Approved

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MORSØ-EH TURBO: Advanced Electric/Hydraulic Miter Machine

The MORSØ-EH TURBO is a fully automatic, electric/hydraulic miter machine designed for precision and safety. Equipped with a dual hand release system, it ensures that the operator cannot touch the knives while the machine is in operation, making it extremely safe.

Versatile Cutting Capabilities

This miter machine effortlessly cuts all kinds of wood, plastic, MDF, and plywood. With the MORSØ-EH TURBO, you achieve clean, smooth cuts by automatically processing the workpiece in a minimum of two cuts. The cutting time varies from less than one second to longer, depending on the workpiece thickness. After cutting, the knife block automatically returns to the starting position.

Adjustable Features for Precision

  • Horizontal Adjustment: The starting position is adjustable up to 60mm (2 1/2”), with a maximum workpiece width of 100mm (4”). For workpieces wider than 60mm, the MORSØ-EH TURBO automatically cuts bit by bit. This adjustment is easily made using the handle on the front of the machine.

  • Vertical Adjustment: The vertical movement of the knife block is adjustable with three different heights, accommodating small, medium, and large workpieces.

These features ensure the MORSØ-EH TURBO delivers consistently clean and accurate cuts. Compared to the standard MORSØ-EH, the TURBO model offers a cutting cycle that is 50% faster, enhancing productivity without compromising quality.

The MORSØ-EH TURBO is ideal for businesses requiring high-precision, efficient, and safe cutting solutions for various materials. Its advanced features and rapid cutting cycle make it an invaluable addition to any production line.

For more information about this product or to place an order, please contact us HERE

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