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Dowel drilling machine

DANLIST AUTOSET SERIES - fully automatic

Dowel Drilling Machine 

Fully automatic dowel drilling machines

For drilling of rails, legs, drawers, beds, sashes and more

➜ Unique quality

➜ Built to last

➜ Flexible solutions

➜ High capacity

Dowel drilling machine
dowel drilling machine
dowel drilling machine

Dowel Drilling machine with top, bottom and side drillings. A conveyor automatically  takes the drawers to a grooving station for doing the blind grooves.

A working station in the Dan-List Classic Autoset. Positioning of the drilling units is controlled by servo motors. Set up times are reduced to less than 60 seconds

Robots can be integrated in any Dan-List Classic Autoset machine

Dan-List Autoset series is the state of the art dowel drilling machine.


The Autoset machines has a high capacity and a quick set up time. All units are controlled with servomotors, reducing the set up time to less than 60 seconds.


The Autoset machines can be custom made to include other operations, for example grooving units, trim saws, automatic dowel insert etc.


This dowel drilling machine is the perfect for the top modern factory, looking for high capacity and reduced set up times. 


Efficiency, flexibility, reliability and quality are all keywords for one and the same machine.

For more information about this product or to place an order, please contact us HERE

  • Dowel Drilling Machine
dowel drilling machine

A Dan-List Classic Autoset for closets

dowel drilling machine
dowel drilling machine
dowel drilling machine
drilling heads
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