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Miter machine spare blades

Miter machine models: MORSØ Fillet Cutter, MORSØ B, MORSØ BA, MORSØ BAP, MORSØ F, MORSØ F-de-luxe, MORSØ F plus Ten, MORSØ H, MORSØ EH, MORSØ EHXL and MORSØ EFG

For the Morso miter machines, we only supply blades of very high quality with a hardness of HR64. Therefore the blades have an extremely long life, and contains more cuts than any other blade available in the market. Up to 20 mm of steel to be resharpened, so any Morso blade will last years - see The Anatomy of a Morso Blade.
Morso blades must be hollow ground to maintain the perfect miter.
For resharpening your blades, please contact your local supplier or send the blades to Dan-List.

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