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Available in any length.

Quick, easy and exact measuring.

Enter the required lenght of your moulding, and the hook moves automatically to correct position. Can also be used for other brands of double miter saws

Flip over stop for cutting short / long / short / long.

Saves the operator a lot of time.

Solid extension table, approximately 53 cm long. When adding the extra table you will have a support for approx 150 cm / 60" to the right hand side.

Touch screen for easier settings and adjustments.

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Infeed table from left hand side.

Also used on the Morso Miter Choppers

Storage unit which bolts onto your roller infeed tables.

For easy and convenient storage of your mouldings.

Keeps the moulding in correct position during the cutting cycle.

Move your moulding easier from left hand side into the machine.

Easy working infeed table.

Prevents the moulding from lifting during the cutting cycle.

Available as pneumatic or electric hydraulic.

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