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BMI Dibond Router


Dibond Router

Flexible, cost efficient and space saving

For the small to medium size production

Download Specifikations

MODELS: For any standard sizes, as well as specific cutomer requirements

The Dibond Router is based on the same principles as the BMI Panel Saws. 

Flexibility, cost efficiency and space saving.

The Dibond Router is equipped with a special TCT Grooving Cutter blade, which can rout V-grooves with a straight bottom in panels up to 6 mm deep (1/4").

The Dibond Router routs in the longitude direction of the blade, ensuring a perfect and efficient workflow and clear and clean boards.


The routing device is force controlled on a guide rail with a ball bearing guide ensuring a perfect result.


The guide rail is supplied in various lengths up to 305 cm / 120"

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